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Fulfil your Highest purpose, Be abundant & Make an Impact!

Reveal The Mystery Behind the Magickal Power of the Moon

& Unlock Your True Manifesting Potential

Are you experiencing challenges manifesting your dreams?


Tired of feeling like your life is out of balance trying to cope with this fast-changing world?


Do you wish you could be more in tune with the Universe's natural rhythms so that you can naturally express your highest potential at all times?


Are you ready to finally feel abundant, loved and at peace... even within these challenging times?

Guess what. The Moon /together with your powerful intentions/ can help you align with your dreams, making them a reality!

As many spiritual traditions say, living a fulfilled life really comes down to one thing only: coming into alignment with the Energy of our Source. They also remind us that we are truly Source Energy focused on our physical bodies and that a conscious Connection to that broader non-physical part of us is necessary if we are to be the joyful Beings that we were born to be. 


Every aspect of our physical experience reflects our alignment with /or resistance to/ that Connection. Everything - from the physical well-being of our bodies, the clarity of our minds, and the abundance we allow to flow, to the satisfaction in every relationship we experience... How to improve that Connection? By tuning to the sacred rhythms of the Moon that hold powerful access to our Consciousness.

What is Moonology?

MOONOLOGY integrates Moon cycles, Astrology & the Law of attraction to help reveal the secrets of unlocking the full manifestational potential so that Your perfect life can naturally flow to you.

I've created this
Digital Course to give you practical tools that will help you discover how heavenly bodies can assist you in creating your reality more powerful than ever, without wasting any more time. This Digital Course is a practical step-by-step guide you can use as your Cosmic timer throughout the whole year to awaken to your highest potential and access the strength, love, and wisdom found within your soul. Included are powerful Moon rituals for the most potent Lunar Phases & Zodiacal sign, and worksheets that have transformed my life so I know it will work for you too.


Through a deep understanding of the spiritual meaning of Moon transit and working with its powerful magick that is available at all times, you can effortlessly tune to the continuous flow of abundance, wealth, health, love and anything that your heart desires, and let it flow into your life as wonderful fulfilling manifestations.

This is what I do for a living now, with my own business.

You can too! Let me show you how... It's all about Cosmic timing!

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When you understand how the Moon's cycles affect your manifestation efforts, you can harness your own spiritual power to create real and lasting change. With this easy-to-follow and eye-catching digital tool, You'll learn how to work with lunar magick so that you can easily tune to the natural flow of balance & personal growth. 


Bring abundance, joy and harmony into your life. Understand how Astrology, the Moon and the Law of attraction meet together in the powerful Cosmic blend, and start living an empowered life. 

Imagine, what it would be like if you were in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Universe. Picture yourself how your life would change right now if you could unlock your full manifestational potential! It's all in your hands, Beautiful Soul...

Whether you're a complete beginner or further along your Cosmic pilgrimage, this Online Program can help you guide further.

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The mysterious connection between the Moon& the Mind


Though the Moon only reflects the light of the Sun, its energy affects the water and the mind. This is scientifically proven, which is why when someone goes "crazy", they are called lunatics. (The word lunatic is derived from the word ‘lunar’ because the mind is connected to the Moon.)


Ancient people did an in-depth study about how the Moon affects the mind, how the Moon moves around in different constellations; how different degrees of the Moon have a definite impact on the mind. That’s why they use the words ‘Tara-bal’ (or Tarabala) and ’Chandra-bal’ (Chandrabala). Tarabala is the strength of the constellation where the Moon is placed at any given moment. Chandrabala is the lunar strength or the strength of the Moon itself. The Moon is in one constellation for two and a half days, then it moves to the other constellation. So in two and half days, there are changes in the mood of the mind. 


(According to Vishnu Purana, Indian ancient scriptures, the Moon has emerged from the Milky ocean with its soft and snowy beams.)


The food we consume is converted into 2 parts – mind energy and prana. The mind energy is centred in the pineal gland area from which vital hormones get secreted. The Moon enters this pineal gland to take control of all our activities from night till the time we wake up. The rays of the Moon affect human beings, animals, plants, water and so on. /Not to forget that our body consists approximately of 70% water./ So, the conscious working with the energy of the Moon /for example through meditation or rituals or affirmations/ helps the seekers in going inward, transcend the mind, and feel the divinity within.

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Deciding in advance when and where you will take specific actions to reach your goal can double or triple your chances for success.
~ Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia University professor

When you're learning how manifesting can work in your life, it's so important to consider what kind of impact the phases of the Moon and its transits through the Zodiac have in bringing your dreams to life. And also keep in mind... To manifest the things you want in life, you'll need to be empowered by your awareness of co-creating life with the Universe, and then leave room for the Unknown - that’s where the magick resides.

And don't worry... You're not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed, overworked or tired from trying so hard to bring your wishes into full blossoming. It's easy to get caught up in the endless field of information or hustle of daily life and lose sight of what really matters.


That's why I've created this easy-to-follow Digital Course that will help you reconnect with the natural rhythms of the Universe for a continuous flow of love, health, wealth and happiness.

Unlock your full manifestational potential >>

Does our Consciousness come from the Moon?

Traditional mythic, animist, and astrological systems have long told us that the Moon is more than a distant, detached object in space, but rather plays an active role in governing the daily rhythms of our life.

The Moon, in its repetitive pulse, gave early humans the first systems of measurement and the first calendars. So the word 'Moon' is directly related to the words meter, measure, and memory, and is tied to all human endeavours that repeat. Repetitive ritual enactment - humanity's primal means of remembering - is believed it's something we learned from the Moon.

The poetic meter, in its repetitive cycles, is similarly lunar. But the influence of the Moon goes far deeper than this. Scientists now find this lunar influence in all bodies, aquatic and terrestrial. "It is plausible that… the first life forms adapted to the different rhythms controlled by the Moon," says one new study published in the Journal of Molecular Biology, and it is becoming increasingly clear that living bodies - all of which are made of liquid - have fundamentally tidal lunar structures. Our somatic ancestry is lunar.

The pulse of the Moon lives in the valve structures that formed the very first sea life, and the very fact that cells pulse and breathe at all can be attributed to the Moon.

Within human bodies, the tides of hormones, neurological signals, and the feelings and thoughts of consciousness are built around the lunar rhythm. This lunar structure to consciousness has implications for everything from how we align our lives around ritual, to how we navigate cycles of thought and feeling, to the 'hard problem' of consciousness itself.

In diving into lunar magick and mythologies, we start to see consciousness not just as an isolated function of individual biological units, but as a billion-year agreement between bodies across time and space. 

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 What does the Moon have to do with manifesting?


The Moon's transit through the Zodiacal wheel brings mystical and secret lunar magick into the manifestation process. You can use the Moon’s energy to manifest both long - and short-term goals. Each cycle and each Zodiac sign brings a new energy that rewards you if you understand the subtle changes. It's as easy as remembering the invisible, gentle waves moving through you.

Ignore or resist the Moon’s magick and you might overlook the gentle flow of sweet abundance. Living in awareness of the natural cycles allows you to be the High priestess (or Magician) of your creative world. The secrets of manifestation are shared by the light of the Moon. Each Moon transit holds an intricate part of Creation.

Are you ready to transform your life and effortlessly begin attracting more love, happiness, wealth and joy that is natural to you?


It's time to get your mojo back, my Darlings, live your highest truth, and embrace the best (and brightest!) version of yourself.

Know that YOU CAN CREATE your new life story, starting today! 

Get ready to leverage the magick power of the Universe. Take your next step in getting the life you want and manifest financial success, true love, and peace of mind by applying those easy ancient methods that have been used for millennia. The Moon is a living consciousness, Cosmic Mother and teacher, offering us great wisdom when we know how to listen.

Let the Moon work its magick for you!


If you're a spiritual seeker who wants to manifest more abundance, joy or freedom ~ or a spiritual teacher who has been searching for a profound way to tune into the natural rhythms of the Universe to bring more peace, fulfilment & balance into daily life, for yourself and others ~ then this Online Program is a perfect fit for you.


In this Digital Course, I will show you how to harness the power of Astrology, the Law of Attraction and the Moon cycles through the Zodiac to unlock your full manifestational potential. You'll learn how to work with Lunar Magick to bring more abundance and harmony into your life.


You'll also discover how tuning in to the Lunar Magick can enhance your relationship with yourself, others or perhaps money so that it flows freely and abundantly into your life at every turn.


And best of all? No complicated formulas are required! With this practical Online Program guidance, you'll be able to tune in effortlessly and start experiencing your best life possible in no time.

So why don't you start living your highest purpose, make an impact and be abundant doing it NOW?

Unlock the magickal power of the Moon to bring the Law of attraction into full swing. Find out the spiritual meaning of Lunar cycles and how to harness the Moon transit through the Zodiac so that you can maximise your fulfilment & transformational potential.


Embrace all that life has to offer. You deserve it, beautiful Soul!

Unlock your full manifesting potential >>

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Mastering the flow of the Moon’s energy allows you to weave in and out of the highs and lows of life, without losing a piece of yourself in the process. Wherever you are on your journey, the Moon can offer you insight into how to manifest, heal, release, and experience more joy in your life.


The Moon represents the energy that feeds your soul with the delight of potential. This magnetic force field and gravitational pull sway your desires into your inner knowing. It reminds you of your connection to all that is. The Moon shows you how to dance with the sweetness of life and how to move through sorrows. It supports your course of personal discovery through every cycle of life.


When you harness the power of the Moon, you are destined to meet face-to-face with this magnetic energy and hold conversations that only the soul understands. This guidance runs on the deepest level through every cell of every life. Reach for the knowing, and experience a deeper understanding of the self. Allow yourself to be pulled into the undertow of energy that is building up to be the next wave of Creation.

Step through this mystic portal of the ancient wisdom of the Moon& experience all these amazing changes it can bring to you >>

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Take a sneak peek inside the ONLINE PROGRAM....

Sneak Peak at the Manual

Become a Member of our private spiritual group& get all support you need including powerful monthly meditations and other wonderful freebies...


Unlock your full potential and manifest anything you desire with the power of the Moon. Discover how tuning to the sacred rhythms of the Universe can be a powerful force behind attracting joy, prosperity and fulfilment. Embrace all that life has to offer. You deserve it, Beautiful Soul! START TODAY!!!


Receive life-changing content, wisdom and insights that will help you to holistically understand how to tune into the manifestational power of the Universe effortlessly. This is your chance to get into the flow with the natural rhythms of the Moon and allow the Universe to bring you more abundance, wealth and financial freedom.


Learn how to harness the magickal power of the Moon to attract success into your life and bring the Law of attraction into full swing. Find out which Zodiac signs you should work with to attract more money, love, and happiness. Unleash the mysterious rhythms of the Universe and tune to the natural flow of abundance using the Moon Manifestation Method.

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Moon Manifestation &Lunar Magick Online Program

✔️ MOON MANIFESTATION & LUNAR MAGICK MANUAL ~ Printable / High-Resolution / 250 pages / Pdf Document / Workbook (Spiritual Meaning, To Do's, Journal Prompts & Rituals for the most potent Moon's transits through 12 Signs of Zodiac Wheel) >> take a sneak peek inside

✔️ Unlimited Access to Private Online platform on our website ~ Actual Moon Phase Calculator (for different time zones) & Birth-chart Calculator + other wonderful magickal tools for your spiritual practice & freebies

✔️ Access to Private Group on Forum ~ share your ideas, inspirations and progress with others (like-minded people who decided to follow their dreams and fulfil their highest potential)

✔️ !!!FREE BONUS!!! ZODIAC BIRTHSTONES ~ Printable / High-Resolution / 30 pages / Pdf



Hey! I’m Emilia Nora Elina...

Moon Magick along with Astrology and the Law of Attraction came into my life, as many things do, exactly when I needed it and was receptive enough to receive it. Not when I would have wanted it to in retrospect, but at the right time nonetheless. That’s because I was ready and open to fully integrate its magick into my life and not only harness its potential in my every day, but to turn it into my life’s work and purpose /helping others to bring their mojo back so they can start living their highest potential/.

I've created this Online Program to share this wisdom with you. Perhaps you, too, are a professional coach /or will become one someday/ who wishes to help others tune into the sacred rhythms of the Universe for a more balanced and fulfilled life... or perhaps you simply wish to infuse little pockets of mystic awareness into your daily routines, allowing a moment of space and contemplation that can revitalize your mind and body, and re-connect you with your deeper purpose. 

MOON MANIFESTATION & LUNAR MAGICK is a Digital course creating a bridge between the Moon's natural cycles and the consciousness of modern-day life. It is essential that we take the time to understand the Universal forces that govern our lives so we can use them to live a more purposeful life. 
This course is for everyone, as every person and situation on Earth is under the influence of this celestial body at any given time. 

My wish is for everyone to have access to the tools that can bring a greater sense of purpose, peace and wholeness, and receive life-changing content, wisdom and insights to holistically understand how to tune effortlessly into the manifestation power of the Universe. This is your chance to get into the flow with the sacred rhythms of the Moon and allow the Universe to bring you the continuous flow of abundance, wealth and joy.

It is my honour to introduce you to this visually beautiful & practical tool I created that will guide you along this path if you allow it…

Join the program and receive a practical guide on how to get started naturally tapping into the manifestation power of the Universe >>
"The Moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness in order to be seen."


A PRINTABLE 12-MONTH CALENDAR IN HIGH-RESOLUTION FORMAT that features sacred geometry artwork, a cosmically inspired affirmation, and the dates for:


✔️ New Moons ✔️ Full Moons ✔️ Eclipses ✔️ Equinoxes ✔️ Solstices ✔️ Zodiac Seasons ✔️ Retrogrades


The calendar also includes the Zodiac sign for each New Moon, Full Moon & Eclipses. The calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time (EST) & Universal Time (UT) / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).